Watching that gas-tax money

July 26, 2017

Investigative Reports

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Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom

Comptroller says account will be online


Once the state gas tax increase went into effect on the first day of July, money began to flow from it and vehicle sales tax and registration fees through various state agencies to the State Treasurer, en route to…

To where, precisely, is the question.

The money is supposed to go into the new Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund (IMTF). From there, it can be used for road “repairs, maintenance, and improvements,” which is what many assumed or hoped would happen, or to pay down bond debt.

Now, state Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom says he plans to make the flow of that money transparent by putting the IMTF account online, “as another step in his efforts to bring greater transparency to government in South Carolina,” writes Eric Ward, the comptroller’s public information director.

Eckstrom’s aim is to have the account posted in the next month, Ward said, adding that it will be “in a format that will allow taxpayers and other interested parties to track the fund’s specific sources of revenue and the detailed expenditures made from the fund.”

To do that, the comptroller will need new accounting procedures, Ward said. It “will involve tracking the revenue sources and uses for the IMTF in more specific detail than would be available using the state’s existing accounting structure for other special revenue funds.”


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  • SealNet

    Would he track the new $500 tax on poor people who buy the 6K to 12K vehicles and pay the full brunt, while the folks who buy the 50K and up, well, they get a nice break.

    • swampland

      The tax is 5% up to a newly-raised maximum of $500. The tax on a $6k car would be $300, while the tax on a $12k car would be $500.

      • SealNet

        Just like I said, “a tax on the poor.” somewhat like the lottery albeit the lottery is voluntary. A buyer of a 20K and up car the break on tax get’s bigger. A flat 2% on total purchase fair and equal taxation on all.

  • Philip Branton


  • Beryl

    There are all kinds of silences and each of them means a different thing. It’s not always scrupulous to sacrifice someone else’s life in order to survive.

  • Beryl

    Richard Eckstrom is a career politician who struggles with the difference between right and wrong… Imagine that! He should know better. Richard is a walking, talking ethical problem.

  • Mug

    Anything for a little publicity.

  • dm10ae

    Feeding that IMTF will be like the SHIMS fund -that fund held money for the exact same reason off of 3 extra cents tax on a gallon of gas. The fund was robbed by legislators and placed in general fund. SHIMS State highway improvement and maintenance system.

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