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SC judges ordering jail time in some civil cases

October 8, 2021



By RICK BRUNDRETT In a rare move last month, attorneys asked a judge to order the “civil” arrest of prominent Hampton County lawyer Alex Murdaugh to compel him to pay their clients – the sons of a Murdaugh family housekeeper who died in 2018 after a reported fall in his home – from a multimillion-dollar […]

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State agencies claim taxpayers’ refunds to collect debts

June 25, 2021


By RICK BRUNDRETT Over the last five years, state agencies, including public colleges and a university hospital system, collected a total of nearly $95 million in past-due payments through deductions from state income-tax refunds, records reviewed by The Nerve show. A little-known state law, titled the “Setoff Debt Collection Act” (SDCA), allows state and local […]

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Proviso pork spending: A longstanding legislative tradition

April 27, 2019


By RICK BRUNDRETT As S.C. lawmakers head into the final weeks of adopting an approximately $30 billion state budget for next fiscal year, their taxpayer-funded goody bag keeps growing bigger. For years, lawmakers have slipped in funding requests – often for their own pet projects – through obscure state budget provisos. The latest budget cycle […]

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S.C. law, contracts offer few privacy protections for huge ‘data warehouse’

August 27, 2018

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By RICK BRUNDRETT If you receive health-related services from certain state agencies, chances are you weren’t told your personal information could be included in a massive “data warehouse” that lawmakers and their staffs have been allowed access to for years. A state privacy law and inter-agency agreements for the 16-year-old database offer weak privacy protections […]

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General Assembly spends over $70K so far on V.C. Summer ‘advice’

March 31, 2018


By RICK BRUNDRETT The S.C. Legislature spent more than $70,000 for an outside consulting firm to give it “advice” late last year relating to the V.C. Summer debacle – a financial quagmire that lawmakers played a large role in creating. The Virginia-based firm was paid by the House and Senate without producing a report for […]

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