Laws into Bills

February 12, 2015

Inside Insight

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ariail laws into bills


Over the last few years, The Nerve has revealed how a workers’ comp lawyer in the Legislature routinely has co-sponsored and advocated for workers’ comp bills, and sits on a committee that screens Workers’ Comp Commission candidates; how a pharmacist in the Legislature sponsored bills regulating his competitors; how funeral home directors in the Legislature sponsored bills that could benefit their businesses; how medical businesses run by lawmakers profited from Medicaid, though several  failed to publicly disclose those payments; how a dentist in the Legislature sponsored a bill that could directly affect his bottom line; how a former concrete company president in the Legislature made money from state contracts as a company shareholder without bothering to report his ownership status for years; how the co-owner of an engineering firm in the Legislature didn’t publicly disclose some state contracts his business secured; how …

Shall we go on?