About Us

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In 2010, the South Carolina Policy Council, an independent nonprofit research organization promoting free market policies and transparency, launched an investigative news website for the purpose of keeping an eye on state and local government. To look deeper than government press releases.  To uncover the real story and how it affects you.   SCPC hired veteran journalists to expose the truth about secret meetings, government waste and abuse, and the thousands of ways our State House elite use concentrated, unaccountable power.

When we launched The Nerve, South Carolina’s news outlets (with a very few honorable exceptions) produced almost nothing in the way of serious in-depth reporting on government. Since then, we’ve seen a revival of interest in investigative reporting on government at a number of important and respected news organizations. We at The Nerve like to think we had something to do with that.

In addition to original reporting, The Nerve provides vehicles through which citizens can tell their own stories. If you have a scoop you’d like to pass along – or if you want to relay your own experience with government-run-amok – email us at news@thenerve.org or call us at 803-254-4411.

The best way to keep up with our reports is by our weekday email. Sign up here.