Animal Advocates Address Greenville Committee

The NerveBy Jan Williams
Citizen Reporter

The Greenville County Public Works, Planning and Development Committee earlier this year held a meeting attended by a large group of animal advocates attempting to improve conditions for dogs specifically.

The main organization on hand was PAWSitive Effects, which has the following stated objective: to build fences for chained dogs in its area; educate the public on why tethering/chaining is dangerous, cruel and abusive; and advocating for legislation that disallows or severely restricts tethering/chaining as a means of securing a dog.

Recent changes to the county ordinance on animals restrict pet owners from tethering unattended animals outdoors for longer than two hours in one 24-hour period.

The tether would have to be longer than 12 feet and attached to a swivel and to an animal’s collar or harness. Also the changes would allow an officers, without a warrant, to break into a vehicle and free an animal that has been confined if the owner cannot be located quickly.

The committee voted 5-0 to hold a public hearing and forward the “attended tethering” ordinance changes to full council.

The animal advocates are doing good things to help animals when they keep this between them and the persons having a problem with their pet.

One component of this effort is to get across that improving the lives of animals doesn’t have to be solely the responsibility of government. While there are pets that may not be being treated correctly, it is one person’s responsibility to help another person learn.

Jan Williams is a former Navy supply corps officer and a retired automotive fabrics development engineer from Milliken and Co. who lives in Greenville.