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Georgia’s nukes: ‘We’ll go on’

August 31, 2017


Is it a ray of light for V.C. Summer? By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ The Georgia Power Company told Georgia regulators today that it wants to finish two nuclear reactors under construction in the state. It’s now the sole new nuclear construction in the U.S., since South Carolina’s SCANA and Santee Cooper abandoned construction of two V.C. […]

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How customers lost the nuke bet — for now

August 30, 2017


The co-ops’ Mike Couick is angry and hopeful By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ Asked to explain his stake in the two abandoned, partly-built nuclear reactors at Jenkinsville, Mike Couick, head of the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, says it’s simple: “My members have got $2.7 billion sunk in the red clay of Fairfield County.” Couick is referring […]

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An agency that doesn’t even work on paper

August 25, 2017


Time to bid ORS adieu By HANNAH HILL During this week’s legislative energy committee meetings, executive director of the Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) Dukes Scott stated that the statutory duties of the ORS conflict at times. The ORS is the entity tasked by state law to “represent the public interest of South Carolina” before […]

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Listen to your accountant

August 18, 2017


South Carolina State Pension

On spending, how about self-discipline? By BRYCE FIEDLER The state Comptroller General’s office released its annual budget report this week, giving citizens insight into the sources of state revenue and how that money was spent as well as suggestions for future spending. Here’s the bottom line: The government needs to spend less. According to the report, […]

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You could be paying twice for V.C. Summer

August 16, 2017


The state has some huge electricity bills By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ In the wake of Santee Cooper and SCE&G abandoning construction of two nuclear reactors at the V.C. Summer site in Jenkinsville, there’s been a lot of media discussion about who’s to blame and who will pay. The fear for many is that the electricity customers […]

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Where was the utilities committee?

August 11, 2017


Somebody wasn’t doing something By HANNAH HILL Earlier this week the House speaker and the Senate president pro tem each created special legislative committees in response to the abandonment of the V.C. Summer nuclear project. Speaker Jay Lucas said in his press release that “The only responsible path forward is to comprehensively study the issue,” […]

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Access to nuke records blocked

August 10, 2017


foia bill

Friends of the Earth says post them all By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ Tom Clements of environmentalist group Friends of the Earth has been a longstanding critic of the V.C. Summer nuclear reactor project that went belly-up last week. In May, long before partners Santee Cooper and SCE&G decided to pull the plug on it, he sent […]

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Alarms on nukes fiasco sounded years ago

August 9, 2017


If only we’d seen that coming By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ When Santee Cooper and SCE&G pulled the plug on their shared project to build two nuclear reactors in Jenkinsville at the beginning of last week, it was a “wow” moment and rightly so. For one thing, several thousand employees were thrown out of work with no […]

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Sketchy bank might owe you money

August 8, 2017


South Carolinians could be protected from Wells Fargo By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ Wells Fargo, the world’s second-largest bank, is facing scrutiny for its unsavory practices yet again, now by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco — and this time it could affect South Carolinians who’ve had auto loans through the bank. Not so long ago Wells […]

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See me after class

August 7, 2017

1 Comment

South Carolinians fall short on education, finance, wealth By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ South Carolina businesses are much more likely to be white-owned than businesses on average in the U.S., and less likely to be owned by women. Does that affect its prosperity? At the same time, businesses owned by men and by whites are more valuable […]

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