Supremes douse trashcan blaze

January 19, 2017

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‘We think you spilled something, mop it up,’ Court holds

The South Carolina Supreme Court issued its ruling late yesterday in the matter of succession to the lieutenant governorship and the hash the state senate made of a constitutional amendment.

Essentially, the Court said the constitution was unimpaired by the legislature’s shenanigans, and that while the constitution does not say so, until 2018, a vacancy in the office of lieutenant governor must be filled by the senate president pro tem ascending to the post.

There’s not much reasoning here. The Court seems to find the whole matter something along the lines of an inconvenience, easily remedied, despite the legislature having mangled the constitution, as we saw it.

This means that Senate President Hugh Leatherman should become lieutenant governor once Nikki Haley is confirmed as ambassador to the United Nations and Henry McMaster becomes governor — something Leatherman has vowed not to do.

Alternately, Leatherman could resign his senate presidency, the senate could elect a new president pro tem, who would become lieutenant governor — Senator Kevin Bryant has said he wants the job — and Leatherman could run yet again for his old post.

Cue the merry-go-round.




  • Steve Haynie

    The Senators could all agree to not accept Leatherman’s resignation. If everyone agrees to move Leatherman up to Lieutenant Governor, how bad can it be? After 2018 the Lieutenant Governor will no longer preside over the Senate, and the Senate will elect one of their own in a similar way to electing the Speaker of the House.

    • Laird

      Frankly, I’d rather see them accept his resignation, give Bryant the job so he becomes Lt Gov, then refuse to re-elect Leatherman. He needs to go.

  • Laird
  • Grady Burchett

    Nothing like a good old fashioned political brawl to make the worst of the worst come out in all the players. South Carolina is festered by a crowd of Democrats that are all in office as Republicans and running both parties by keeping “open” primaries to put the Democrat candidates in office in both parties. Until somebody gets some guts and fixes the problem, we will continue to have politicians who are self-serving, don’t care what the public thinks, and act like Lindsey Graham, who tells you up front that he’s in Washington to do what HE thinks, not what the people who voted him in think. What we need is a “Trumpian” politician who can beat all these jerkoffs at their own game and get the primay problem fixed so that you have to be what you run as. ‘Til then,. we just keep the mess we have now.