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We’ll never change anything without you. And now, we have the opportunity to expose wasteful spending and hidden political agendas. So step up with us. Join a movement to monitor and report on government, to hold politicians accountable and to make your voice heard.

You can join The Nerve by giving a little of your time, a lot of your voice and whatever you can spare financially. It probably doesn’t surprise you that we don’t get support from government or special interests. It all comes from you. Without your help, the only information you’ll get about government will come from government bureaucrats, politicians with an agenda and/or their lobbyists and consultants.

Become a Citizen Reporter

It’s surprisingly easy to do. Just a few hours a month, and you’ll contribute to an overwhelming groundswell of information.


Here are all the different ways you can contribute to The Nerve as a Citizen Reporter.

  • Traditional news story
  • Short two to three paragraph story
  • Beat reporters for people with specific interests (TRAC reporter, Lexington/Richland 5 reporter)
  • Video taping of General Assembly meetings, City Council, County Council, School Board Meetings
  • Written or video interview with elected officials
  • Photo of government in action — how they are spending taxpayer dollars
  • Meeting write-up with photo — General Assembly, City Council, County Council, School Board
  • State budget coverage and/or reviewing budget
  • S.C. Freedom of Information Act investigator — sending FOIA requests to state and local government entities
  • Assisting The Nerve staff with stories
  • NOTE: stories, video, photos can come from meetings you are already attending

For more information, contact Rick Brundrett at or 803-254-4411.

Support The Nerve

Be one of us, and tell your friends. Look at it this way: You're going to give government a whole lot of your money this year, and you won't have much choice. You can give some of it to us instead -- it's tax deductible and we'll spend it fighting for you instead of against you. Help us help you by making a donation today.

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