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January 29, 2017

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Our legislators get busy — silencing critics

Over the past two weeks, members of both the South Carolina house and senate have introduced legislation that would require much more disclosure.

With one member of the General Assembly already indicted for ethics violations, totaling above a million dollars in payments he took improperly, according to the charges, and rumors that more indictments will follow, these bills should be a welcome change.

But they aren’t. They wouldn’t change the way our legislators do business at all.

Instead, they’d actually shield lawmakers from criticism.

S.255 and H.3571 are nearly identical. Both would force individuals or groups that are “not organized or operating for the primary purpose of supporting or opposing candidates” to disclose all donors if they engage in something called “election communication.”

That term isn’t defined in the state constitution, or in state law — yet. In these two bills, it means printing material or buying ads that “support or oppose a clearly identified candidate” or “influence the outcome of an election.”

That last phrase is so broad that it could encompass practically any issue advocacy, from fliers about a school board decision to newspaper endorsements. And who can determine what influences the outcome of an election? Have we not just seen how hard that is to do with our last presidential election?

Under these bills, an organization that engages in non-election-related issue advocacy would either have to refrain from criticizing any legislator’s voting record, or else disclose all its donors, leaving those donors open to intimidation by lawmakers and their allies.

It’s as though a robber is exiting a bank with the loot (not that far of a stretch really based on how some legislators make money) and stops to tell a legitimate customer that he really ought to roll his change before trying to deposit it.

The courts have clearly outlined how to regulate speech and when it can be done. These bills fall far short of those standards. Besides showing just how thin-skinned our legislators are, passing them would only invite a day in court.

  • H

    Two steps forward and Three steps back. That’s SC politics, Very Frustrating!

  • andnowyoudont

    Name names, please. Who wrote and who is pushing these bills so we know to whom we direct our discontent with their positions.

    • Laurens

      Click on the hyperlinks for the bill numbers…lists all the sponsors.

      • andnowyoudont

        Thanks, Laurens. “Hyperlinks” are the blue H & S numbers?? I’m new to computers and not tech-smart.

        • Steve Haynie

          House members: J.E. Smith, McKnight, Ott, Bernstein, McCoy, Ballentine, Rutherford and Dillard

          Senate members: Leatherman

          • andnowyoudont

            Thanks!! Our very own “Gang of 8″… Re-elect Nobody…

  • Jaded

    Leatherman is pushing this crap and he will not be stopped from getting it. He has effective control over the house now and our caucus meetings are more like a message from uncle Hugh than getting of GOP legislators.

  • Philip Branton

    Dear Hugh Leatherman and Assembly Street communications server administrator,

    Considering the efforts that are being made to push these two bills, the overall optics really put everyone involved in risk positive positions.

    “…. That last phrase is so broad that it could encompass practically any issue advocacy, from fliers about a school board decision to newspaper endorsements. And who can determine what influences the outcome of an election? Have we not just seen how hard that is to do with our last presidential election?…. ”

    Hugh, just like James B Holderman was winked to, you may not understand the implications of what a communications server administrator is telling you. The people your listening to right now do not give a darn about your legacy. Look at Holderman’s legacy. So, let me put it another way, No gas station owner ever cared about there tanks leaking in 1965. They always thought they would be dead and gone and no one would care. They failed to realize how Google Maps could be used by a teacher to call out their great grandchildren in class for having a grandpa who polluted the groundwater that their football field and playground was watered with. Do you want a similar legacy concerning concrete…? Do you understand what I am telling you? I expect you to resign by the end of the week and to confront Solicitor “fiasco” Pascoe with one playing card. The ace of Spades. Tell “fiasco” to present this card to who ever is on his radar and tell them they have two weeks to resign and move on. If “fiasco” has to pursue via the courts…. Lookout.
    The Dominion Pipeline does not have eminent domain over your legacy…… You can ask your It administrator who does.

    Now Hugh, you don’t have to take my advice but do you not think Holderman should have….

    God bless you….

  • Philip Branton

    Dear Citadel Cadets in Professor Riley’s class,..

    In continuation of out last observation, how would this article be used in class to ask Professor Riley certain questions while you have your Facebook Live app running for open source verification? How would this educate you on how to respond to actions by Boko Hiram once you and you men are required to engage them on a battlefield? How would this same video be used to engage Nigerian government officials? Professor Riley is in front of you and Mayor Tecklenburg is a few miles away, how well does the city Secretary know both men? How about the city attorney or city website administrator..?
    Cadets….. Do you ever ask yourself why this website is NOT required reading for certain classes? If you were a city secretary…. Would you read this website? If you were a city secretary and an IT administrator stop by to ask why you went to this website…… What would your response be?

    Cadets… Do you wonder what information Professor Riley’s Secretary read at her computer about voter sentiment..? How would that influence an election..? How would that influence Solicitor “fiasco” Pascoe..?

    Focus… Cadets…… Focus….

  • Philip Branton

    ****….. Meanwhile, over in a Fleur Daniel reception breezeway… ***

    City Building Code Inspector : “… I really hate having to attend these technology refresher courses…”

    DHEC Intern: “I know what you mean…. I would much rather be down in Laurens County getting my hands dirty actually inspecting where that pipeline is going to go…”

    City Building Code Inspector : ” Geez, have you ever used Google Earth at DHEC..? I know that the Nerve never mentions it but you had better be ready for questions from Hugh….”

    DHEC Intern: ” Trying to get info out of Dominion Pipeline is like pulling teeth… It drives me nuts….”

  • Philip Branton

    ***… Later on In a Solicitors office….. ***

    FBI agent: “Dude, have you checked out the Nerve website….”

    Solicitor “fiasco” Pascoe : “what, that rag… That is just fake news just like….”

    SLED web technician : ” I wonder why a gas pipeline all the way to Greenwood ends at the Saluda River…. What type of manufacturing needs that…?

    Solicitor Secretary : ” I am gonna call Erin Brockovich about this. Why would a pipeline dump its gas in the Saluda River….? ”

    FBI Agent: ” Oh, God…. “

  • Philip Branton

    ****…. Dreams of Hugh Leatherman… ***

    Greenwood Farmer : ” Now Hugh, we go way back, can you tell me why I need a Dominion Pipeline..? Have you ever searched for Lake Greenwood on Google…?”

    Hugh: ” My boy, it’s just in case the lake gets low and you saps need backup power. DUKE Energy is doing us all a favor…”

    Farmer : ” oh, really…… Now Hugh, you would not be trying to snooker us on paying more for our energy… Would you..?”

    Solicitor “fiasco” Pascoe : ” As long as you don’t switch to gas produced electricity… You have nothing to worry about..”

    Farmer : “How am I supposed to know if my electricity is from the dam or a back up gas turbine..?”

    Hugh :” ya know…. With all these eco-terror boaters using the lake nowadays, we are gonna have to start using less water to please the boaters… ”

    Farmer:” you mean my electric bill is gonna go up and there is nothing I can do about it..? ”

    Hugh and Solicitor :”…. And your little dogs taxes too….!!”

  • Philip Branton
  • Anthony Domagala

    Having been defrauded of my retirement savings by the local Mason mafia / Berkeley County insiders on a property deal, and then had 2 paid for homes/ land fraudulently seized by same criminal public servants/cubscouts, so that they could shotgun blast them up, urinate throughout (all caught on my video), extort me for 50k, falsely arrest me, try to sell / deed my properties to their kin, and ultimately re-wire 1 home to burn down because I stood my ground..,,with all my reports completely ignored by their complicit Mason mafia LE….DO I LOOK SURPRISED? Lol… More Federal karma coming to this SLEAZEY state.

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