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State overpaid millions to schools

February 15, 2017


By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ Superintendent not sure how money can be recovered The Department of Education has been giving schools millions of dollars in excess of what they were supposed to receive. Education Oversight Committee staffer Bunnie Ward was speaking before the full committee in Columbia Monday when she said there were “discrepancies” between enrollment and […]

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We’re rolling in dough!

January 24, 2017


BY ELISABETH PARKER Where is it? In those ‘carry-forwards’ Every year around this time, state agencies go to the legislature and present their budgets. Legislators inquire about additional requested funds, new programs, and even issues with the agencies. One thing they don’t often ask: How much do you have left over from what we gave […]

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The Nerve’s Best of 2016

December 21, 2016


We’ve got naughty covered The Nerve began the year with a closer look at some of the numbers bandied about by very interested parties when it came to the cost of fixing the state’s roads as well as revenue from a proposed gas tax increase — a subject that’s destined to rear its splendiferous head […]

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It’s not just Merrill

December 16, 2016


By ROBERT MEYEROWITZ One lawmaker gets indicted while many do just fine The sweeping indictments of Representative Jim Merrill announced late Wednesday gave proponents of reform something to cheer about. But if they’re diligent, the game has only just begun. Merrill, the former majority leader, is charged with two counts of misconduct in office and […]

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Senate rule changes may signal trouble

December 9, 2016


BY PHILLIP CEASE Legislation will move more easily to law On Tuesday, the state Senate met in an organizational session to elect its president pro tempore, allow freshman legislators to introduce themselves, and vote on rule changes. Both the House and Senate have their own sets of rules that govern the way each body functions, […]

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Lawmakers just blow off work

December 7, 2016


BY HANNAH HILL Don’t do what we do, they say, declining to turn in assignments The Nerve has reported before on how the General Assembly plays by a different set of rules than the rest of the public. For instance, just this past week its actions triggered a succession crisis (see here and here), and […]

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State pensions go to non-state employees

November 30, 2016


BY DUNCAN TAYLOR They lobby the state for benefits – while getting state benefits With the state pension system unfunded by billions of dollars and getting worse every day, how is it that non-state agencies are being allowed into the public pension system? That’s exactly what’s happening in South Carolina. State employees can participate in […]

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State agencies defy budget law

November 17, 2016


SC State agencies defy budget law

By HANNAH HILL Something does not compute here Most state agencies aren’t following the law regulating agency budget requests. An examination of their 2017-2018 submissions suggests they aren’t even trying. State law requires that agencies submit the following on or before Nov. 1: An itemized budget estimate on forms provided by the governor as well […]

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Some Lawyer-Lawmakers Able to Boost Income by Affecting Worker’s Comp Laws

November 9, 2016


By HANNAH HILL There’s more to lawmakers’ salary than 10 grand Lawmakers complain frequently that their average take-home pay, $10,400, is too low. Indeed, their allegedly low pay is the chief reason why lawmakers occasionally try to pass controversial salary increases. Two years ago, in fact, they even commissioned a study that concluded – not […]

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Details of Agency’s Spending Hidden from Public

October 11, 2016


By PHILLIP CEASE For Ports Authority spending, opacity is the rule A recent investigation by The Nerve into state agency spending reveals that the State Ports Authority, or SPA, does not report the agency’s spending with the detail that other state agencies do. In June of 2016, for example, the most recent date spending data is […]

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