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Lawmakers! Your report card’s here.

May 19, 2017



Better hope they graded on a curve By HANNAH HILL At the SC Policy Council site, we’ve put together a post-session update detailing what the legislature did and didn’t do. So now let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture: What did our lawmakers accomplish and what does it mean for you, the […]

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You might miss your water

May 12, 2017


  You could always Google it By ELISABETH ALLEN When it comes to keeping lucrative companies in South Carolina, state government will do just about anything — including, we fear, throwing common sense to the wayside by ignoring the environment, the interests of surrounding communities, and fairness in the marketplace. We see it in the […]

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Gunfight at the bankruptcy corral

May 11, 2017


Readers react to our take on rights Last week, we ran a piece by Hannah Hill, “It’s the right, not the gun,” that inspired quite a few responses. Hannah argued that a bill in the state Senate that would allow people to keep their guns when they have to give up most of their assets […]

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It’s the right, not the gun

May 5, 2017


A new bill misunderstands the Second Amendment By HANNAH HILL This week the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would allow individuals filing for bankruptcy to keep up to three guns worth up to $3,000 total. In South Carolina, bankruptcy filers are allowed to keep a home, car, tools of a trade, and so […]

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MY LAST NERVE: House attempts DC-style ‘omnibus’ bill

April 28, 2017


If this is the way it’s done, why have hearings and votes at all? By DUNCAN TAYLOR While the Senate was busy debating the gas tax hike this week, the House decided to reinsert itself into the argument – but not in any normal way. On Wednesday afternoon, House leaders placed their version of the […]

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On the gas-tax hike, lawmakers have ‘the best words’

April 21, 2017



As the Senate debates, reason flies out the window By HANNAH HILL The state Senate began debating the gas-tax hike (their version of the bill is a straight-up tax hike of 12 cents a gallon) this week. Whenever large groups of politicians talk for long periods of time, you hear some real gems. Here are […]

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Representative seeks to soak water customers

April 14, 2017


This legislative interference never ends By HANNAH HILL An interesting bill was filed in the House last week. H.4091 would abolish the five-member board of the Pioneer Rural Water District (currently elected by its customers) and replace it with a seven-member board selected by the Oconee and Anderson County legislative delegations. At the end of […]

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Some lawmakers want to bottle up competition

April 7, 2017


Sneak attack on liquor stores pops up in budget By PHILLIP CEASE Yesterday, during the budget debate, the Senate took up an interesting piece of legislation. Amendment 39 would require any retail liquor dealer that wanted more than three stores to pay a fee “equal to the average gross sales” for each of the retailer’s […]

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See no evil

April 3, 2017


  These ethics bodies just aren’t working – and we have proof By PHILLIP CEASE Last week the House approved the first round of nominees for the state’s new Ethics Commission. On Wednesday, Senator John Courson appeared before a judge to post bond dealing with criminal ethics-violation charges. These two events, which happened within hours of each other, are […]

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Is there pork on your fork?

March 24, 2017


By ELISABETH PARKER Sneaky provisos come out, come out Each year the legislature passes provisos within the appropriations bill: one-year laws that sunset with each year’s budget and may not go against a law. They give legislators an easy way to pass pork or ill-advised public policy without much scrutiny. One proviso that has reappeared […]

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